November 6th 2019
Member sign-in begins at 6:30pm
Meeting commences at 7:30pm
HVFC Clubrooms, Taylors Road West, Aberfoyle Park

All members are notified of the 2019 HVFC AGM to be held in the Clubrooms at 7:30pm on November 6 2019. Members are required to sign in at the door, before entering the meeting to ensure voting rights are maintained. The meeting with commence at 7:30pm sharp.

Nominations are now open for the 2019/2020 Executive and Management Committees. Positions include:

– President
– Vice President
– Secretary
– Treasurer

– Communications Director
– Sponsorship Director
– Events Director
– Purchasing/Procurement Manager
– Memberships Manager
– Grounds/Property Manager
– SFL Delegate

For further information regarding these positions, or to obtain a position description, please contact Club Secretary Kevin Beard.

Nomination forms are available at the bar or via email. Please place completed forms in the box at the bar.
Nominations for all positions close October 30th and will be voted on by members at the AGM.

All members are hereby notified that the first matter for voting on the Agenda for the 2019 AGM will be an Addition to the HVFC Constitution. Details here.
This addition has been proposed by the 2019 Management and Executive Committees to allow for better continuity in the Committee positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. This will be achieved by making these positions 2 year tenures, an extension of the current 1 year term. Voting for these positions is proposed to occur on different years, to allow for positional overlapping. 

Members will have an opportunity to vote for or against this proposition at the AGM, and if the motion does pass, the positions of Vice President and Secretary (which will be voted on during the AGM) will immediately become a 2 year term. 


We look forward to seeing you there, as we close of Season 2019 and head toward Season 2020 🖤💛