The Management Committee at the Happy Valley Football Club is elected persons that oversee operational aspects and functions of the football club, the outcomes of which members would see on a daily basis. These directors and their positions on this committee are elected by and directly responsible for the members and hence, are always willing to listen to feedback.

HVFC Management Committee
  Position Person Mobile Email
Media Liaison
Mike Flett 0438 846 137 Email
  Vice-President Mal Tomlinson 0419 838 730 Email
Public Officer
Mel Lemmers 0412 044 236 Email
JillLillis Treasurer Jill Lillis 0411 602 340 Email
  Football Director     Email
 Joe - website Sponsorship Director Joe Maiorana 0407 275 960 Email
Communications Director Kristy McCormick 0406 207 438 Email
  Events Director Jackie Williams 0433 012 692 Email
  Merchandise Manager Alyssa Tomlinson 0417 086 991 Email
  Property/ Grounds Manager Dylan Zeitz   Email
  Memberships Manager Robyn Cook   Email
  SFL Delegate Steve Turner 0433 420 383 Email



HVFC Football Directors
  Position Person Mobile Email
    Football Operations Director     Email
  Female Football Operations Director  Katherine Barraclough 0402 741 574 Email
  Junior Football Operations Director Phillip Kretschmer   Email
Sub Junior Football Operations Director Tammy Ingleton 0439 077 211 Email
  Auskick/Valleykick Football Director Tammy Ingleton 0439 077 211 Email