An update after the HVFC 2019 AGM

Thank you to all attendees at this year’s AGM, and to those members who were able to come and cast their vote. We are happy to announce the Executive and Management Committees for Season 2020:
President – Michael Flett
Vice President – Mal Tomlinson
Secretary – Mel Lemmers
Treasurer – Jill Lillis

Communications Manager – Kristy McCormick
Events Manager – Jackie Williams
Grounds & Property Manager – Dylan Zeitz
Memberships Manager – Robyn Cook
Purchasing & Procurement Manager – Alyssa Tomlinson
SFL Delegate – Steve Turner
Sponsorship Manager – Joe Maiorana

Congratulations to all.

Also, a massive thank you to the outgoing Committee members, including Steve Greening, Kevin Beard, Karen O’Donnell, Mike Matthews, Ali Greening and Peter McCorquodale. Your time and efforts over the last year and the seasons you served previously are hugely appreciated – thank you for all you have each done for the Club.