The club is excited to announce and would like to congratulate all leadership groups for the junior and senior teams for 2018.

Top left: Under 14 Girls –
Leadership Layla McDonald, Mikenzie Le Raye, VC Tayla Cook, Captain Charlotte Stevens

Top centre: Under 16 Girls –
VC Hayley Nicole, Captain Brooke Spacie, VC Bethany Paull

Top right: Women’s –

Back L-R – Tasha Drury (Div 4 Cpt), Ella Symonds (Div 4 DVC), Ellen Keightly (Div 3 VC), Alannah Rochow, Brooke Mullen.
Kneeling L-R Kat Vlachos (Div 3 DVC), Reannon McCann (Div 3 Cpt)
Absent – Kerry Truel (Div 4 VC)

Middle left: U13 –
Leadership, Charlie Eldridge,Sebastian Oliver, C-Lachlan Hamilton, VC-Leon Spring, Leadership Connor Jones

Middle centre: U15 –
Leadership Liam Escritt, VC-Cooper Greening, C-Dylan Brown, DVC-Bailey O’Donnell, Leadership-Riley Jones, Declan Le Raye

Middle right: Under 17.5 –
Leadership Adam Casburn, C James Hay, Leadership Tyson Stewart
VC Ben Ryan, VC Max Gill, Leadership Matthew Hakof
Bottom left: B Grade –
DV Jordan Spring, C Declan McGuire, VC Mitch Low
Bottom right: A Grade –
Co VC Lee Davis, Co VC Justin Schurgott, Co captain Dwayne Ruddock, Co captain Joel Brown, Co VC Nick Frisby – Smith