Did you or anyone you know play in either of the 1996 A Grade or 2006 C Grade Premiership teams?  If so we would love for you join us along with our Sponsors, Life Members and Past Players on Saturday August 6 for a reunion from 12.30-2.30pm.

1996 A Grade –

Mike Earl (Coach), Peter McWilliams (Assistant Coach), Nathan Gill (Captain), Michael Cook (Vice Captain), Ben Coleman, Peter Duffield, Rick Mitchell, Darren Hodgkison, Troy DeKonning, Richard Pennington, Paul Knott, Mal Shuttleworth, Mat Spinks, Darrin Spinks, Gary Thorley, Mat Bryant, Shane Sterzl, Jeremy Canham, Shaun Sims, Paul Sterzl, Scott Berriman, A. Weatherald, Scott Aldridge, Kym Dawson, Peter Ellis, Phil Benwell, Darren Twigden, Brett Oliver & Haydyn Goodman. Trainers – Hank Middleton (Head Trainer), Bob Schultz, Des Lewis, Danny Pickard. Gary Weeks (runner), Andrew Swatschy (time keeper), Andrew Bryant (team manager) & other HVFC committee – Bill Taylor (President), Jason Vickers (Vice President), Steve Macklin (Football Director), John Canney (Secretary) & Steve Turner (SFL Delegate)

2006 C Grade –

Adam Jeffries (playing coach), Paul Oliver (Captain), Matt Williams, Brett Margitich, Scott Braidy, Rhys Middleton, Will Miles, Scot West, Scott Rusby, Scott Davies, James Ford, Matt Spinks, Hayden Scanlen, Adam Knight, Jonas Grocock, Ben Farrel, Simon Gerlach, Josh Heath, Luke Varnas, Adrian Rewers, Adam Westley, Tim Hochuli & Sue Tonkin (team manager)

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