Thanks to all of our Sponsor’s who attended our Life Member’s, Sponsor’s and Past Players Day on June 20. Great to see a big crowd at the Club. Thanks to Mike Skene and the gang from the Tread Shed for their fantastic display & support for the day and to Southgate Holden for displaying their new SS Commodore. Thanks also to Kayla Mahar and her Little Touch of Heaven candles. Great also to have support from Nat Cook and Neil Davis and all of our hard working committee.

A measure of how busy the day’s was is how many kegs were drunk. We went through three kegs and would like to thank Joe Maiorana who has bought all three for the Club. Thanks Joe for your support of the Club and for helping in our fundraising efforts.

In a bit of a catch up it’s also great to have our coaches box completed thanks to everyone who contributed to the project and our portable shelter thanks to long time sponsor Stuart Reeves from Tubular Iron Fencing.

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