Thank you to everyone who completed the feedback survey on our Viking Medal Night. We some great feedback on how well organised the event was, having all of our senior teams there to celebrate as one club and the chance to dress up and mingle with your mates.

Speaking of dressing up – Jeremy’s suit got a few comments…

We had mixed reviews on the food and venue and some negative comments on the length of the presentations. All of this feedback will be taken on board and factored in when planning for future events. When you are a club the size of ours we are limited to venues but keen to hear suggestions.

The highlight of the night for many people was Steven Beagley winning his first Best and Fairest! We all love you Beags! (Especially the Essendon Supporters)

If you would like to join me on the Events Committee this season you can send a message to the club Facebook page, let me know at the Christmas drinks on 22nd December or shoot me an email here

You can volunteer as little or as much as you like!

Shannon Sanderson


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In reply to some of the responses, we would like to note the below:

  • Venue: With covid restrictions constantly changing, booking early made the risk of losing valuable funds too high. As such, the committee had to wait until the last minute to find a location. This resulted in many larger venues being booked out and the cost being a lot higher than we ideally would like to pay. The Grand were able to accommodate us.With our original booking being for 140 guests (as this this was the number for the 2020 medal night), the high interest to attend this year meant we had to make some compromises and we had to make the decision between a dance floor or additional tables.We usually rely on our events and fundraising efforts throughout the year to contribute to costs of the night and bring ticket costs down, however with so many events cancelled this year, the funds simply weren’t there. 
  • Food & Drink: In order to keep the costs down, we had to offer only a 2 course meal and 3 hour drinks package. We always go into planning medal night with the intention of having 3 courses and 4 hours of drinks (including cider), but we didn’t want the cost of the night for our members and players to blow out too much! As an example, the cost of the night would have been $185+ if we were to offer the above package.

We appreciate everyone’s feedback and will look to book in a venue earlier in the year to ensure we are able to deliver the best night we can for all of our members and players!