The Executive Committee at the Happy Valley Football Club is the top-level committee that oversees all management and directional matters, as well as functioning as the legal representative body for the club. 4 key directors and their positions on this committee are elected at the club’s Annual General Meeting and hence, represent all of the members of the club. The 5th member of the executive committee is elected from the remaining directors of the Management Committee and hence, represents and brings their opinions from the other management committee members.

HVFC Executive Committee
  Positions Person Mobile Email
Media Liaison
Steve Greening 0418 838 791 Email
Vice-President Mike Flett 0438 846 137 Email
Kevin Beard - Secretary Secretary
Public Officer
Kevin Beard 0421 069 771 Email
 JillLillis Treasurer Jill Lillis 0411 602 340 Email
Management Representative Karen O’Donnell 0438 866 841 refer Management Committee