The captains at the Happy Valley Football Club dedicate their time to improving and guiding all players in their football pursuits. All captains help their coaches plan, implement, and review all of their training schedules, as well as match-day performances and tactical considerations. In additions, captains perform all on-ground match activities on the day, and often provide that extra little bit of inspiration and motivation that all players desire. All captains are approachable, and are always willing to give each individual that personal guidance that many require.

Please note that for those who participate in the sub-junior program there is no ‘officially appointed’ captain for the year for each team. For all other teams, please see below for the Captain and Vice Captain(s) for each side in 2017.

Players Advocate:

Positions Person Mobile Email
Players Advocate Rob Low 0404463148 Email


Senior Captains:

Grade Captain Vice-Captain Deputy Vice-Captain
A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
A GradeWomen’s Reannon McCann Ellen Keightley Katrina Vlachos


Junior Captains:

Grade Captain Vice-Captain Deputy Vice-Captain
Under 17.5’s James Hay Ben Ryan Max Gill
Under 15’s Dylan Brown Cooper Greening Bailey O’Donnell
Under 15 Vikings  –
Under 13’s Lachlan Hamilton Leon Spring
Under 14 Girls Charlotte Steven Tayla Cook
Under 16 Girls Brooke Spacie Hayley Nichols Bethany Paul